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Low carbon steel pipe

Date:2020-01-13View:440Tags:Low carbon steel pipe
Due to the inherent characteristics of low carbon steel pipe, its use range is limited. With the application of some new technologies in domestic iron and steel industry, many new uses of low carbon steel have been well developed and utilized in large domestic steel plants. At present, some large domestic steel mills or steel trading companies are actively cooperating with large domestic sling enterprises to jointly develop a series of high-tech, high-precision and high-quality rigging products for the anchoring industry at home and abroad. In the rigging industry at home and abroad, it has played a good role in technology promotion, which also points out a new way for the comprehensive utilization of low carbon steel pipe.

Low carbon steel pipe is plastic material. The stress-strain curve can be divided into four stages: elastic stage, yield stage, strengthening stage and local deformation stage. There are obvious yielding and necking phenomena in the local deformation stage. At the beginning of the elastic stage, Hooke's law is fully obeyed along the straight line, and the acceleration is accelerated after the limit of proportional velocity, but there is no obvious yield stage.