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Oil Casing Pipe Gas Seal Detection Technology

Date:2019-11-23View:412Tags:Oil Casing Pipe Gas Seal Detection Technology
Principle and process of oil casing gas tightness detection technology
Principle: the tightness of the oil sleeve pipe buckle is closely related to the pressure and medium. The permeability is different with different pressure and medium molecular size. Gas is more difficult to seal than liquid.
The principle of gas tight detection technology is to use low molecular gas medium to test the gas tight performance of oil casing buckle under the allowable high pressure condition.

Insert the test tool with double packer into the chromatographic column, seal up and down at the screw joint, then inject the mixture of high-pressure nitrogen and ammonia into the middle sealing space, and use high-sensitivity helium to detect the detector outside the screw thread. Determine if there is a leak