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Specification and Requirements for Seamless Steel Pipe Marking

Date:2019-11-23View:366Tags:Specification and Requirements for Seamless Steel Pipe Marking
In relevant regulations, there are a series of regulations and requirements for seamless steel pipe marking. The specific requirements of logo are as follows:
1. The logo of seamless steel pipe manufacturer shall be eye-catching, firm, clear, standard and not easy to fade.
2. The mark shall at least include the following contents: the name and trademark of seamless steel pipe manufacturer, product standard number, steel pipe grade, product specification and traceability identification number or telephone number. For the precision seamless steel tube, the main performance index and dimension accuracy grade can be improved.

Marking of seamless steel pipe
3. The standard can be printed, sealed, rolled, printed, pasted, branded or hung with labels, tags and other methods. The supplier can hang one or more signs.
4. The steel pipe with an outer diameter of not less than 36mm shall start at a distance of not less than 200mm from the end of seamless steel pipe, and each marking method shall be carried out.
5. It is applicable to low-pressure fluid seamless steel pipe and thin-wall seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe and other general seamless steel pipe, section seamless steel pipe, and complex section seamless steel pipe.
6. The pipe joints of seamless steel pipes such as oil, natural gas and 3PE anti-corrosion shall have the grade mark of seamless steel pipe.
7. For container packaging, please use bracket welding packaging or thin-walled seamless steel tube kit. The seamless steel pipe on the outer layer of container, bracket and thin-walled seamless steel pipe shall be labeled or labeled.