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Technological Features of Galvanized Pipe

Date:2020-01-14View:401Tags:Technological Features of Galvanized Pipe
Optimization of zinc sulfate

The biggest advantage of zinc sulfate is that the current efficiency is as high as 100%, and the deposition speed is fast, which is incomparable with other zinc plating processes. Because the crystalline coating is not meticulous enough, it has poor dispersion and spraying ability, so it is only suitable for simple geometry, such as pipe and wire plating. The traditional sulfate zinc plating process is optimized by the sulfate zinc plating ferroalloy process, only the main zinc sulfate is left, and the rest components are discarded. In the process of forming the new formula, an appropriate amount of iron salt was added to make the original single metal coating form a zinc iron alloy coating. In the process of reform, it not only has the advantages of high current efficiency and fast deposition speed of the original process, but also greatly improves the dispersion and throwing ability. In the past, complex parts could not be electroplated. Now, complex parts can be electroplated, and the protection performance is 3-5 times higher than that of single metal. Practice has proved that for continuous plating of wire and pipe, the grain of coating is finer, brighter and deposition speed is faster than the original one. The plating thickness shall meet the requirements within 2-3 minutes.

High deposition rate and good protection performance

The current efficiency of sulfate galvanizing ferroalloy process is as high as 100%, which is incomparable in any galvanizing process with rapid deposition rate. The thin pipe runs 8-12 M / min, and the average thickness of coating is 2 m / min, which is difficult to achieve by continuous galvanizing. Bright coating for delicate eyes.

Sulfate conversion of zinc plating

Zinc sulphate zinc plating iron alloy only retains the main zinc sulphate of sulphate zinc plating, and other components such as aluminum sulphate and alum (aluminum aluminum potassium sulphate) can be treated in bath, so it can be removed by adding insoluble hydroxide precipitation to sodium hydroxide; organic additives, and then adding powdery activated carbon for adsorption. The test shows that aluminum sulfate and aluminum potassium sulfate are difficult to remove completely at one time, which has a great impact on the brightness of the coating, but not seriously, and may be consumed, and then the brightness of the coating solution can be recovered through treatment. Technology needs other components to complete the transformation