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Uses of spiral welded pipe

Date:2019-11-22View:398Tags:Uses of spiral welded pipe
1. In agricultural engineering, spiral welded pipe also plays a certain role. Irrigation pipe, deep well pipe, drainage pipe and so on, helped farmer uncle to save a lot of strength.
2. In the process of transporting oil, the spiral welded pipe is used as the conveying pipe.
3. The spiral steel pipe industry for sewage discharge is used in coal mines, power plants, sewage treatment, fire control, petroleum, municipal engineering, chemical industry and highway products.
4. In urban buildings, spiral welded steel pipes are used for water supply of high-rise buildings, heat supply network, water supply engineering, natural gas transportation, groundwater transportation, etc., making a lot of contributions to urban buildings.
5. In coal mine engineering, spiral welded steel pipe is mainly used for underground coal water supply and drainage, underground shotcrete, positive and negative pressure ventilation, water pumping, fire sprinkler and other pipe networks.
6. In the power plant, the spiral welded steel pipe is mainly used as the process water waste residue and return water pipe of the thermal power plant.