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What measures should be taken to produce seamless steel tubes?

Date:2019-08-05View:520Tags:What measures should be taken to produce seamless steel tubes?
Any precautions should be taken in the production of seamless steel tubes:
1) Blank credit. These include tube storage, tube cutting (cutting or gas cutting), peeling and grinding, testing and inspection, and surface treatment of seamless steel tubes (such as pickling) and cold centering.
2) Poor tube heating. It is usually heated in an annular or inclined oven, and the rear tube is usually delivered to the top in the order of perforation after baking.
3) Perforation. The hollow solid round steel rolling thick walnut usually adopts two or three rolls oblique piercing. The Explorer is also a continuous ingot billet, stamping can be punched in a hydraulic press or drilled in a twin-roll (vertical rolling) pressure piercing mill. For solvent mill 1: batch rolling perforation.
4) Rolling tube. In order to reduce the hollow pipes and gradually reduce the wall, special pipes of tube mill must be processed into pipes. For the automatic pipe winding machine, after rolling the pipe, it can also be adjusted by the whole machine.
5) Reheat and set the reduction. In order to obtain the required tubes, the tubes are usually reheated and processed on sizing machine, reducer, stretching protector or widening machine to obtain finished steel tubes of various sizes.
6) Be slightly rounded, check the anti-packaging storage.